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We deal with the following companies and brand names:


JRC HF Transceivers and Receivers for amateur radio, Marine equipment.
Adonis Mobile and Base Microphones.
Ant. Koken Antenna pole and antenna stand.
Anten Pre-Amplifiers, Antennas and accessories.
AOR Scanning receivers.
Ashida Headsets, Earphones, Headphones.
Camnis Scanning Receivers.
Create Directional Antennas, Antenna Rotators.
Daiwa DC Power Supplies, DC-AC Inverters, Linear Amplifiers, SWR/Power Meters, Antenna Tuners, Coaxial Switch.
Diamond Antennas and other communication accessories.
Kansai Coaxial cable.
Maspro Directional Antennas.
Nippon Antenna Rotators.
Stac AC Voltage Regulators, DC-AC Inverters.
Swallow DC Power Supplies, DC-AC Inverters, Up-Down Transformers.
TDC Surge Protectors, Coaxial Fixed Attenuators, Coaxial Terminations.
Telecom Mobile and Base Antennas.
THP Linear Amplifiers.

Fuji Electric. Transistor, Diode.
Fujitsu IC.
Hitachi IC, Transistor, Diode.
Hoshiden LCD.
Kodenshi LED, Sensor, Print Head.
Matsushita IC, Transistor, Diode, LED, Capacitor, CCD, Filter, Inductor.
Mitsubishi IC, Transistor, Diode, Print Head.
Mitsumi IC, Sensor, Filter.
Murata Mfg. Capacitor, Radio Frequency Assemblies, Filter.
NEC IC, Transistor, Diode.
Nippon Chemicon Sensor, Capacitor.
Oki IC.
Rubycon Capacitor.
Rohm IC, Transistor, Diode, LED, Sensor, LCD, Print Head, Resistor, Capacitor.
Sanken IC, Transistor, Diode, Switching Power Supply.
Sanyo IC, Transistor, Diode, LED, LCD.
Sharp IC, LED, Sensor, LCD.
Sony IC.
Susumu Print Head, Resistor, Radio Frequency Assemblies, Inductor.
TDK Print Head, Resistor, Capacitor, Radio Frequency Assemblies, Filter, Inductor.
Toshiba IC, Transistor, Diode, LED, Sensor, LCD.

We dealing with many other Japanese companies and brand names which are not mentioned in the above. So, if you would have inquiries or requirements for any kind of Japanese products, please feel free to contact us at any one of the addresses below.


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